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Introducing App Links

Right now, linking on mobile is a lot more frustrating and complicated than it is on the web. There isn’t an easy, consistent way to control what happens when someone clicks on your content in mobile, which makes it difficult to provide the best experience for your users. It’s also hard to find out when—and how—to send people out of your app and directly into another.

We built App Links to help with that. It’s an open, cross-platform solution for app-to-app linking that gives you the tools you need to expose deep links in your app or to link out to others.

App Links is free. It’s open source. It’s easy to implement. And it’s going to make mobile linking a whole lot easier for developers.

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    Open and accessible

    App Links is available to anyone. Plus it comes with open source reference SDKs.

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    Truly cross-platform

    It works on all the major mobile platforms—with plenty of room to add more.

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    Easy link discovery

    Plug into the Facebook Index API—or build your own—to check if any URL can be deep-linked.

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    Supports mobile-only

    Don't have a website? No problem. You can still publish your links via Parse, Facebook or any other service you like.